Passion is an underrated human emotion. However, this is what drives us to achieve things we never thought possible. This desire to achieve something is inherent in most people and something that you should feel each and every day. It is also what gives us purpose.  Each person has different ideas of what they are passionate about. As you can see here throughout my pages, I love baking and traveling. I also love bicycling and wine, so you will sometimes see these passions in one of my topics. I love to combine my passions as often as possible in order to enhance the joy. As an example, I joined a group of cyclists that leaves from a local winery and when we return from our 25-30 mile ride it is wine and dine time!

Just like everyone else, my attention is pulled into different directions, such as work and daily living obligations. For my work life, I am a Behavioral Counselor. It is very fulfilling and I love helping others achieve their dreams and goals. I don’t make a lot of money doing it, but it affords me the time and resources to do what I love in my personal life. All these things combined is what makes life worth living!  So whatever your passion is hold onto it, and walk with a purpose. Even if it is eating cupcakes upside down using no hands.